First clarinet lessons with Heinz Taschek at the central musical school Oberwart. Preparatory studies at the highschool Oberschützen, branch of the University of Graz with Gerhard Schönfeldinger. Major in clarinet for orchestra and teaching qualification with Wolfgang Klinser at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, branch Oberschützen, followed by a master’s degree.

Awardee of PrimaLaMusica and “Music in small groups”.

Teacher at the musical school Rechnitz and the central musical school Oberwart.

Clarinettist at the Festspielorchester Mörbisch. Substitute at Camerata Salzburg, Radio Symphonic Orchestra Vienna, Chamberorchestra Vienna, Jeunesse Orchestra, Euphonia European Youth Orchestra, Musical Theatre Schönbrunn and many more. Tours and concert tours to Germany, Italy, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, America and China.